An extremely robust aluminium body makes METAL MARKER ideal for roads where it will frequently be driven over by heavy traffic. Its use is also recommended on soft asphalt or in very high ambient temperatures.

Ribbing on the underside of the METAL MARKER strengthens the structure of the body. This enables it to best spread pressure onto the substructure and increases adhesion when the markers are stuck down.

All METAL MARKER product versions meet the light technology requirements of the EN 1463 standard. The METAL MARKER Classic product versions, Article No. 3543, 3544, 3547 and 3548, are also certified to EN 1463-1 standard. The METAL MARKER Classic No. 3547 and 3548 also meet the reflectivity values of the US ASTM D4280 standard.

  • Extremely durable SWAREFLEX product with a combination of resistant GLASS REFLECTIVES and aluminium body
  • Specially suited to harsh environmental conditions and high traffic levels
  • Consistently high reflectivity values
  • Creates a “rumble effect” that can be heard and felt on leaving the carriageway
  • Self-cleaning effect with rain and car tyres rolling over it
  • Also available in a variant with a 19° tilt on the GLASS REFLECTIVES
    for higher light values on greater distances
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