The new wild warning reflector

Plastimat Wildwarnreflektor K

More than 200.000 deers and wild pigs clash with vehicles every year in Germany. People are regularly injured, unfortunately this situation can also lead to death again and again.

Plastimat therefore has developed a new , improved wild warning reflector.

Plastimat Wildwarnreflektor in weiß, blau und rotPlastimat therefore has developed a new , improved wild warning reflector. The headlight of an approaching vehicle generates a bright, optical warning fence in the new wild warning reflector, which is derived centrally 90º and spreads out in a radiated manner. The wild animal is already disturbed far ahead of the street by the light reflexes and flees opposite the light beam. The wild animal can safely cross the road if no vehicles pass the road..

The Plastimat wild warning reflector does not reflect the light like other ordinary guide post reflectors or like a reflex film, but guides precisely a ray of light at an angle of 90 ° from the road. This light beam expands naturally radically and thus creates an optical warning fence, which warns the wild animal  in time from the crossing of the street. Due to the changing light of the vehicles, a constantly changing optical warning fence is created which will lead the wild animal  to stare or to escape back into the terrain.

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