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Plastimat has for many decades been the leading and innovative manufacturer of connectors for tow bars and guarantees the highest quality in this market segment.

The ever increasing electronic components and the increasing digitalization in the automotive sector require a high level of innovation within the company that we constantly promote.


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In developing the new generation of sockets we focused on our corporate philosophy:
„Maximum reliability in service“.
The previous generation of sockets is already protected by very high quality and is very good against corrosion and humidity. However, after partial damage or dismantling of cover or grommet the socket is not always replaced or repaired. This can lead to water ingress along the wire to the harness.


Wasserdichte Kontakte


Plastimat Perfect is built on a smaller design and developed from the pivoting tow bars, the sockets Plastimat has been manufacturing since 1997. The mounting holes comply with the standards.
Injected contacts and an additional contact insert ensure that no water can get into the socket.
The front section of the socket is fully interchangeable. In the case of a damaged cover or damage in front of the socket the housing can easily be replaced.

Plastimat also develops cable kits according to customer’s request.
Development – Mounting instruction – Manufacture by Plastimat.


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