The German traditional company PLASTIMAT GmbH takes over from SWAREFLEX GmbH, a company of the Swarovski-Group, the development, production and distribution of reflector products for the application in road traffic.

Mobilerschutzplankenreflektor News

The new guardrail reflector is used on transportable protective walls. The specifications are laid down in the technical delivery conditions for structural guide elements.

The advantage of our plastic reflector lies in the fact that it can be equipped with an additional holding plate and is therefore very easy to remove.


More than 200.000 deers and wild pigs clash with vehicles every year in Germany. People are regularly injured, unfortunately this situation can also lead to death again and again.

Plastimat therefore has developed a new , improved wild warning reflector.


NEW: Massive contact with riveted crimp contact
for automatic cable assembly
NEW: Waterproof at the front:
No water ingress because an additional seal inside the contact holder
Seal from back: individual wire seal
Result: adapter watertight from both sides


Plastimat Perfect is built on a smaller design and developed from the pivoting tow bars, the sockets Plastimat has been manufacturing since 1997. The mounting holes comply with the standards.
Plastimat also develops cable kits according to customer’s request.

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